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How to set up online gift cards for your business.

We know navigating online options can seem overwhelming, so we have vetted the following online gift card options for you.

Instagift is an Alabama-founded company that provides e-gift card services for local businesses. They are currently waiving monthly fees for any Huntsville signups and are actively promoting local gift card sales on their email and social media. To sell e-gift cards through Instagift, email supportlocal@instagift.com.

If you already use Square as your point of sale system, click here to set up gift cards.

Another great option for setting up gift certificates is Gift Up, since they're currently waiving their 3.49% fee on your first $5000 of gift card sales. This is not a referral, and we do not profit from this in any way, we just think it's a great deal. Click here to sign up for free using the COVID19 promo – it only takes a few minutes.

To reach out to us with questions, please email getyourgifton@hsvchamber.org.

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